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Nigeria: We Are Not Putting the Best in Our Children - Ayewoh -

Gabriel EnogholaseLagos

Dr. Oluafemi Ehizogie Ayewoh before his assignment as Particular Assistant to the Governor of Tokyo State on Education Research and Development was a School Principal in the United States of America.

In this interview with Gabriel Enogholase, Dr. Ayewoh spoke on the functions, the putrefaction in the instruction sector in Federal Republic Of Nigeria and how it can be solved.

What are your major mathematical functions as the Particular Assistant to the governor on Education research and Development?

Put simply, my major duties are to ascertain the problems, behavior research into the root causes of jobs in Education in Tokyo State and do recommendation to the governor and assist happen solutions to the problems.

That basically is what the occupation entails. I have got of course of study broken down all constituents of instruction to the Governor. I am looking at the acquisition environment, the course of study and direction and I am also looking at the personnel. On learning environment, how good and contributing it is for learning.

Curriculum: what is learnt and the instruction, or how what is learned is delivered. On personnel, that is the people responsible for facilitating acquisition in the schools, i.e. teachers, headmasters, headmistress, etc.

We will take each constituent at time, interruption it down to happen out the jobs and suggestion solutions to them. At this point, I have got to work on all constituents and I am taking one constituent at a time. The most of import constituent I am working on right now is the acquisition environment. How contributing is the acquisition environment and what I have got got establish is very disturbing.

Talking about learning environment, if you have visited primary and secondary schools in the state, you establish children learning under broken roof and under the trees. What have been your advice to the Governor in this regard?

Of all constituents of education, the acquisition environment is the most of import one. If the environment is conducive, the opportunities are there that the children would larn very well.

Education is the procedure of putting good information into the children and assists them turn up and assist them do good determinations when they acquire up there. Aid them function the community they dwell in and the society very well.

Whatever you set into a kid is what you acquire at the end of the day. What fusses me however, is on looking at the environment alone and the resources that are there, or deficiency of resources, we are not putting the best in our children.

Therefore, if we don't set the best in our children, when they turn up, we are going to acquire whatever we set there. It is like the computer. There is a linguistic communication in the computer, called "GIGO"- refuse in, refuse out. You set refuse into children; you are going to acquire refuse out.

We cannot in all good scruples set refuse into children and anticipates them to be good citizens when they turn up, it makes not work that way.

We have got got done this and we have continued to make this. Prince Albert Albert Einstein simply defines insanity and lunacy as always doing the same thing that you have got always done and anticipate a different consequence or result. That is what we are putting into children and it is not right.

The acquisition environment demand to be very vibrant, it should be 1 that acquires you excited, do you to larn and not the 1 that kills liquor and actually have got got the antonym consequence of the intended result of education.

Besides the distressing acquisition environment, what other jobs have you identified?

Let me take this one at a clip and not in very full inside information because they are very involved. The acquisition environment, the recommendations that I have got made are: modernise our schools because the schools right now look as if they don't exist.

Modernise 1 school in one senatorial territory or whatever manner you desire to make it, but I prefer one school per local authorities country and then dispute all the local authorities chairmen to look at the one that is now a theoretical account and retroflex that attempt every year.

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If the state authorities can overhaul 18 schools every year, adjacent year, there is another set of eighteen, within four years, if you multiply that, you too will have got got got a batch of schools that have been modernised.

What I intend by modernization is that each school should have vivacious buildings, warm and beautiful environment because the lone thing that is good about our school environment are children in their uniforms.

When you see them in their uniforms, they are beautiful, but the environment is not. So, we should repair the environment with good buildings, they should all have got got libraries, professional libraries for the instructors and for the pupils and have resources in there for the community to come up into the school. For instance, person who desires to read a magazine on public wellness can walk into the school to make so.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Amazing Article Marketing - Latest 5 Advanced Methods To Impact Your Article Marketing

Are your article selling schemes not impacting at all? Bash they not assist you in increasing your Numbers (traffic, page ranking, sales, and revenue)? If you reply no to any of these questions, then you are on the right page. In this article, I wish to share with you the up-to-the-minute 5 advanced methods that most online enterprisers (including me) are using in order to maximise the benefits that article selling can offer.

1. Most online enterprisers and webmasters hold that article selling is a game of numbers. If you acquire easily contented with the figure of your copies, your selling schemes will surely travel down the drain. Endeavor to bring forth and submit at least 10 articles per twenty-four hours and make certain that you don't give their quality. This figure is very ideal in getting just adequate arriving golf course for your website and strengthening your online presence.

2. One of the elements of article selling that you should never take for given is the quality of your articles. You see, when people unfastened and read your copies, their determination in clicking on your resource box largely depends on how well your articles were written and how enlightening they are. If they can't happen anything valuable on your copies, you'll surely lose your opportunity of luring them to your website.

3. One of the very first stairway that you should seriously see in order to stand out in this field is to increase your clickthrough rate. You necessitate to cognize the elements that tin acquire online users to take involvement on your articles and those elements that tin convert them to open up and read your content. These elements are your titles, keyword list, and your article summary. Brand these elements compelling and your unfastened charge per unit will surely soar up high.

4. You also necessitate to give your articles the exposure they necessitate so you can do it easier for your possible clients to entree them. You can make this by making your transcripts hunt engine-friendly (so they will demo up on relevant searches) and by posting them to all possible avenues like article entry sites, article directories, blogs, societal networking sites, societal bookmarking sites, forums, etc.

5. Brand it more than personal. Construct a personal connexion with your readers through your articles. How? By just writing your articles in such as a manner that they will sound like you are directly talking to your readers. Use conversational tone, be warm and friendly, and be spontaneous.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The secret behind UK's longest-married couple's blissful relationship

From ANILondon, May 25: They met in 1926 and two old age later they were married. Now, 80 old age down the lane, the soon to be Britain's longer married couple Frank and Anita Milford are still a happy brace - and the secret behind this successful human relationship is a small buss and nestle before bedtime.

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Article Marketing Traffic - 8 Block Formula To Put Your Article Traffic On Steroids

Have you uttered this sentence before?...

"My articles are not getting me enough traffic" -

If you answered yes, follow these 8 simple stairway to hit your article traffic right off the chart...

1. Post in Forums.

The first measure you necessitate to do is visit forums in your niche.

Checkout the jobs that the members are facing out there in detail.

Now make a listing of the jobs and convert them into articles.

Post that article in the forum to work out the member inquiry and include your resource box, this volition thrust traffic to your website.

So your article will begin drive traffic to your land land site instantly from forums.

Now travel on to acquire traffic to your site directly from articles....

2. Post Articles in Article Directories.

Take your articles and station them to which is the greatest and the best article directory on the internet.

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Post your articles to other article directories too.

There are article statistical distribution services like 'Article Marketer' and software systems like 'Article Submitter' that volition aid you to print your articles widely to 100s of article directories at a pushing of a button.

This should acquire you 100s of incoming golf course to your site and 100s of visitants in the long tally plus high hunt engine ranking for your targeted keywords in the articles.

Here are some more than than tips to drive more traffic to your site using your articles...

2. Blog Your Article.

Modify your article small spot and convert it into a alone piece of content.

Now post your article into your blog.

If you are technically sound and can put in script, make certain you put in wordpress in your website.

Or just see to make your ain blog.

Blog your article and Ping it to, this should acquire you few visitants to your blog and probably 100s of visitants if you do this on regular footing in the long run.

Here are some more than tips to drive instantaneous traffic from your articles...

5. Sociable Bookmark.

There are assorted societal bookmarking services on the cyberspace such as as stumbleupon.

All you necessitate to make is societal bookmarker your articles in article directories, blog stations and also in forums and this should drive some more than traffic to all these countries and ultimately to your land site from the golf course out there.

6. Sociable Networking Traffic.

Now see few societal web land sites like squidoo and hubpages and station your articles out there.

This volition give your articles high hunt engine ranking, thus more than traffic.

7. Your Own Website.

Make your article somewhat alone and station it on your land site for long term hunt engine traffic.

Now allow some more than traffic hit your doorsteps...

8. Ezine Publishers and Website Owners.

Contact ezine publishing houses and website proprietors in your niche and state them to check up on out your article and station them on their website for free.

Also actuate them to signup in your affiliate programme if you have got one and include their affiliate nexus in the resource box.

They will distribute your articles in their newsletters and websites thus more than direct traffic and golf course flocking to your site.

Just use the above 8 stairway and see your website traffic explode, you can give thanks me later.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Iraqi security forces enter Sadr City alone

BAGHDAD — Iraki security military units entered Baghdad's Sadr City in big Numbers on Tuesday for the first clip since following of anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr agreed two hebdomads ago to allow them in.

No U.S. military personnel accompanied the Iraki forces. The understanding specifically barred Americans from entering the Shiite Moslem enclave.

In a symbolical gesture, representatives of al-Sadr and a grouping of tribal sheikhs met the Iraki military units with a transcript of the Quran, the Muslim holy book, to welcome their presence into the city.

Sadr City was the scene of crisp clangs pitting U.S. military personnel and Iraki authorities military units against al-Sadr's Mahdi Army reserves for nearly two months. Hundreds of people were killed in the clashes, including tons of civilians caught in the crossfire. Hundreds more were wounded.

"The state of affairs now is very quiet in Sadr City. You can happen the Iraki Army inch the streets," said Nima Abu Zahra, a spokesman for al-Sadr in Sadr City. "So far, there's no problem. The Iraki military units are welcome."

Zahra said two sectors of the metropolis were searched; there was no information on what the military personnel found.

The understanding was brokered on May 9 and lets Iraki security military units to come in all of Baghdad's Sadr City and to collar anyone establish with heavy weapons. It also necessitates that Mahdi Army following not be arrested without warrants unless they are in the ownership of heavy arms.

No U.S. military units were allowed into the vicinity under the agreement.

"This is entirely an Iraqi-led, planned and executed operation," said Lt. Col. Steve Stover, the U.S. armed forces spokesman for Bagdad operations.

A welcome presenceStover said the up-to-the-minute action was a high point for both Iraki security military units and the Iraki government.

"It demoes they are committed to consolidative their country, ridding their state of criminal and terrorist elements and they're taking decisive action," Stover said.

Residents said Sadr City had returned to relative normality. Weeks of force had kept occupants inside or forced them to flee. On Tuesday, people were in the streets and shopping, and schools were open.

"With the presence of the Iraki Army we can state the state of affairs is more than stable," said Waleed Hassen, 38.

Several occupants commended the presence of Iraki military units and were happy U.S. military personnel were not in the area.

"Iraqi soldiers are smiling and saying hello to everybody," said Hamza Sadri, 23. "Our children love the Iraki soldiers because the children cognize these soldiers belong to Iraq, not to America."

Residents said that soldiers blanketed the streets and that they expected routine hunts of places to continue.

Operations to continueAccording to Iraki Brig. Gen. Qassim Atta, the military units that entered Sadr City Tuesday came from the Iraki Army and National Police.

An progress contingent had gone into the country last hebdomad to take wayside bombs. Atta said they had removed 100 bombs in that operation.

The Iraki military did not supply a precise figure of how many military personnel had entered Sadr City.

"Iraqi security military units will remain in Sadr City depending on the developments of the security state of affairs in the city," Atta said in a televised news conference Tuesday. "The figure of military personnel is enough to accomplish security and stability."

Atta said that the security military units looked for arms and wanted people.

He described Tuesday's activities as the "first phase" of the operation and said three more than would follow.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

U.S. Coast Guard: Safe boating tips

By Posted: Saturday, May 17, 2008 at 6:07 p.m.

PEORIA, Prairie State -- With warm weather condition finally here and Memorial Day approaching, the United States Seashore Guard Auxiliary decided to brush up its river deliverance operations.

Several federal agencies came together Saturday morning clip to kick off National Safe Boating Week in the bosom of Illinois.

The Seashore Guard states boating accidents are more than common than people think.

"All the time, you see them quite a bit," said Dave Resnik, a U.S. Seashore Guard Auxiliary member.

Saturday the agencies practiced exigencies like grownup male overboard.

They practiced saving "oscar," a human silent person that weighs almost as much as a little kid when it's dry out and acquires as heavy as an adult male when its wet.

They state there are some of import things you necessitate to cognize if you ever stop up in the water.

"Relax, don't panic," Resnik said. "If someone's around make three of anything, three sounds of a horn if you can or moving ridge your hands."

The seashore guard states there are respective things you should have got got in your boat too.

It's a law that you necessitate a life waistcoat for each individual in the boat and it's not a bad thought to have a first assistance kit and fire fire extinguisher too.

Beyond that, program ahead.

"Have a float plan, compose down exactly where you're going to be, how many people are on board and set that on the windscreen of your vehicle," said Resnik.

The other large thing the Seashore Guard admonishes against is simple- don't imbibe and drive.

Their grounds travel beyond the fact that it will impair your judgement.

"The job with imbibing on a boat is that it's hot, there's a batch of sun rays," he said. "If you don't halt and believe about what's going on, you will actually dehydrate yourself."

The Seashore Guard states before you go forth the dock this boating season, do certain you believe twice to and be prepared for the worst.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sierra Leone: Political Parties 'Committed' to Peaceful Council ... -

Political political political parties in Sierra Leone have got got underscored their committedness to retention peaceful local council elections in July at an inter-party duologue meeting hosted by the United Nations.

The chief political parties in Sierra Leone have agreed to forbear from piquant in "any activity which is damaging to the retention of a peaceful election," at a meeting convened yesterday by the United Nations Integrated Office in Sierra Leone (UNIOSIL) and the Political Parties Registration Committee (PPRC) in the working capital Freetown.

The United Nations said that duologue between the political political political parties was very positive and commended the political parties for their parts to the dialogue.

Relevant Links

The Sierra Leone Police gave a briefing to political political parties on security agreements for the elections, and provided strong self-assurances of its continuing neutrality on all political issues. The Police also agreed that particular attending should be given to the personal security of female campaigners in the local elections.

The Security Council heard in a briefing last hebdomad that the political and security state of affairs in the Occident African state was "generally calm," despite respective violent recent incidents involving protagonists of the opinion All Peoples United States Congress (APC) and the resistance Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP).

Dmitry Titov, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), told the Council that Sierra Leone's local council elections would be "another major measure towards enhancing its democratic process," but he warned that latent hostilities between APC and SLPP protagonists would lift in the run-up to the polls.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sales Letter - How to Structure Your Sales Letter for Maximum Impact and Profits

Let's human face the facts, the whole ground why you are selling online or starting a concern is to do a profit. There are dozens of different things that tin aid you make this, but one of the most helpful things that you can make is direct out gross sales letters. This waterfall under the thought that sometimes you can not just sit down around and wait for the client to come up to you. Sometimes you have got to travel to the customer. A gross gross sales missive lets you to make that without having to actually travel and ran into that person.

In fact, when it come ups to online businesses, a sales missive could be your best friend. A batch of modern times when person purchases from an online website they be given to bury about it. A gross sales missive lets you to remind them that you are still there without having to look too aggressive or needy. Of course, just writing a normal gross sales missive is not going to assist you very much. You have got to cognize how to put up the construction of your gross gross sales missive to acquire the upper limit impact from it.

There are a few different ways that you can put up your sales letter. The first thing to retrieve is that a image is deserving a thousand words. People detest to read a batch and a image is a great manner to state a batch without having to really "say" a lot. Showing your client different merchandises is a good manner to acquire them into the gross sales letter. That is why this is the first regulation of your gross gross sales missive structure; the sales missive should associate to what they purchased the first time. For example, if the individual came to your land site and got some shoes, it would not be smart to give them covers on shirts. A great manner to acquire them to come up back to your online shop would be to offering them great trades on new place that you just travel in.

The adjacent thing that you have got to be able to make is offer them other points that they may be into. However, to construction your electronic mail right, you will desire to do these points more of an after thought. So back to our example. Maybe adding shirts into the electronic mail was not such as a bad idea, however, they necessitate to come up after the shoes. Usually you would desire to set this under a heading of "come bank check out what else we have" or something to that effect.

If you have got got mediocre copywriting accomplishments just take a expression at a few gross sales letters that catch your attending from your ain e-mail box. Give peculiar notice to the design, wording, and the manner the information is displayed. Keep those theoretical accounts in head as you get to write. You may also engage a professional copywriter to compose a great gross sales letter. Now allows acquire started! Write a gross sales missive that volition sell your merchandise and addition your profits!

To Your Success!

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The Complete Guide To Get Thousands Of Visitors To One Article

Article selling is a really powerful method of advertising. However, very few people recognize that you can acquire one thousands of visitants to one article. Just conceive of if you acquire this right with a few what will go on to your traffic.

In fact I saw one article on Ezine Articles that have over 50,000 page positions over a two twelvemonth period. You must be wondering how people acquire this right. You will cognize after you read this article.

Lets human face it if you increase your figure of articles all your other Numbers will be up. You will have got a higher amount of endorsers and also sales. Most of your articles will only acquire a few page positions unless you make what I am about to demo you next.

The cardinal ingredient to getting a batch of page positions for an article is to make hunt engine optimization. This agency determination keywords that lucifer your mark audience that have got a batch of traffic with very small competition. If you utilize a keyword research tool like Wordtracker it is very easy to acquire a good ranking for a hunt term that have a KEI over 10. Anything over a 100 is a gift.

Now what you volition happen is that in the less competitory classes this will be a batch easier to do. The ground for this is that in the more than competitory classes hunt engines like Google will give higher precedence to the freshman content. So you may acquire a good ranking and then lose it when person else submits an article that is newer than yours that is similar in topic.

Finally, I have got a few articles that acquire a few hundred page positions and one or two that acquire a few thousand views. So I cognize that this works, but it takes clip to happen the right keywords.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Writing Effective Sales Copy Using Power Words

I'll allow you in on this antic secret...

When you are writing transcript to advance your merchandise you will desire to catch and maintain your reader's attention. The best manner to make that is to use "Power Words".

Starting with the statute title of your piece you can use words that make a solid positive impact and pull your reader. You will desire to carefully craft your transcript (with words that promote the reader and lure them to read the remainder of your copy. "Power Words" are carefully chosen words which elicit a strong emotional response and have got been selected to promote a reader to go on through your full transcript rather than walking away after they experience like they cognize what the whole piece is about.

Words like Fantastic, Powerful, and Secret are powerfulness words that volition cause your readers to desire to lodge around for more than information. These words cause your reader to presume that the textual matter will only acquire better the longer they read. This procedure takes topographic point in most lawsuits at the subconscious mind level, but is extremely effectual when you are trying to impart an thought without losing the involvement of your prospective client.

When we hear words like "Secret" we immediately desire to cognize what the secret is. It is how we function. Everyone desires to be on the interior and your reader will desire to be in the know. Using the word secret will prosecute your readers until the very end.

In this fast paced human race many people take to read or neglect an article based on the attraction of the statute statute title and that is why adding one or two powerfulness words to your title can do the whole narrative attractive and minimise the hazard of your article being overlooked. When choosing powerfulness words for your transcript be selective and don't over make it. Overexploitation of these powerful small words can be a negative stimulation and come up across as too fantastic.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

South Africa: Ministers to Review Global Marketing of Country -

The curates responsible for the international selling of finish South Africa, Essop Pahad and Marthinus avant garde Schalkwyk, recently announced their understanding to look at a comprehensive and effectual manner to marketplace South Africa domestically and abroad.

The exercising will be undertaken in an attempt to research synchronism between selling attempts and happen ways to aline finish and national selling schemes and campaigns

This volition affect the reappraisal of all national degree structures, in particular, South African Tourism and the International Selling Council (IMC). As such, the board presidents of both organisations, Wendy Luhabe (IMC) and Jabu Mabuza (SA Tourism) have got been requested to carry on this reappraisal over the adjacent six months.

After the review, the presidents will be required to do their recommendations to both ministers.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Powerful Article Marketing - Announcing 3 Key Steps to Impact Your Article Marketing

Article selling is one of the most well established advertisement tools in the cyberspace today. It affects writing articles that are closely related to your concern type and distributing them on major article entry land sites and directories. This content-base selling solutions can offer you with so many benefits including increased land site traffic, Pb generation, establishing yourself as an expert on your chosen niche, and better hunt engine rank.

The very thought behind this great marketing tool is to supply online users with free information that they can use, in tax return you'll acquire quality arriving golf course and pull quality traffic to your website. If you make great articles, they stand up great opportunities of being republished giving your articles and website more exposure online.

1. Offer solutions. Identify a job that impacts your mark niche and using your expertise, offering solutions through your content so you can assist your readers decide their urgent issues. It will be extremely good for your concern if you can include your merchandises and services to your projected solutions so you can increase your gross sales potential. For instance, if you are writing for people who would wish to lose weight, you can compose an article about "5 easy stairway to cast unwanted pounds". At the end of your article, you can offer your diet pills or addendums to rush up the procedure of losing their unwanted pounds.

2. Supply examples. One of the best ways to acquire your message across is to provide your readers with illustrations that tin aid them better visualise your points. State them how others have got benefited from the same information or merchandise that you are writing about. Give elaborate information when explaining how your thoughts can impact the quality of their lives and concerns so you can convert them to believe you and follow your recommendations. Just do certain that you not to use too much ballyhoo so you can avoid making your articles sound like a gross sales pitch rather than utile advice.

3. Guarantee your readers. When giving solutions to the urgent issues of your readers, state them directly that they have got nil to worry about and that you are 100% certain that your recommendations will work in resolving their urgent issues. This volition set them at easiness and oblige them to swear you.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Profitable Article Marketing - Discover 5 First Steps Tto Energize Your Article Marketing

Article selling is one cyberspace tool that tin literally make it all. By just writing and distributing quality and utile articles online, you can easily drive interested people to your website, place yourself as an expert on your chosen niche, better your page ranking, and bring forth more than gross sales takes for your ebusiness.

Here are the 5 first stairway to energize your article marketing:

1. Depository Financial Institution on your content. If you desire to increase the opportunities of your articles being read, picked up, and widely republished, you must only offer high quality content to your readers. By this, I simply intend that you must not only offer them information that they will happen utile and relevant to their lives but you must also supply them with well-written and highly organized content to give them great reading experience. If you are able to compound all these elements in all of your articles, you can be assured that you will predominate this field in no time.

2. Keyword selection. To do your articles highly targeted to the demands and demands of your possible clients, endeavor to give them the sort of information they need. Using a keyword suggestion tool, place the most searched keywords and cardinal phrases that are being used by your possible clients when they are looking for information online. These volition give you an thought on what information they actually require.

3. Bash your research and bank check your facts. To avoid deceptive your readers, acquire your information straight as your possible clients are most likely to trust on them. Check reputable resources or interview other experts on your chosen niche so you can easily back up your claims and do your content credible and believable.

4. Keep your articles focused. By this, I simply intend avoid presenting information or information that are totally irrelevant to your chief subject to avoid confusing your readers. You can easily make this by creating an lineation before you begin writing your articles. This lineation must incorporate all the inside information and valuable information that you would wish to include in your content. This volition clasp your article together and will guarantee that your transcripts will sound highly organized and focused.

5. Widely administer your articles. Aside from article directories and article entry sites, you can post your articles on your blog and website to give them more than exposure online. You can also collect them to make an ebook which you can give away as inducement to pull more than people to sign-up on your electronic mail selling list.