Sunday, June 8, 2008

Citizen Tip Leads Iraqi Army to Cache

Multi-National Division - Bagdad PAO

forward OPERATING base LOYALTY, Republic Of Iraq - Iraki Army soldiers seized a cache in the Rusafa security territory of eastern Baghdad, June 3.

The cache was discovered after receiving a tip from a concerned citizen.

Soldiers from 4th Brigade, 1st Iraki Army Division, establish a cache containing a 60 millimeter howitzer tube, a rocket propelled grenade launcher, five armor-piercing RPG rounds, two anti-personnel RPG rounds, a 37 millimeter unit of ammunition and one gun barrel for a PKC machinegun.

"It's great to see citizens taking a proactive position in protecting themselves from activists and their munitions," said Maj. Joey Sullinger, a interpreter for 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division. "Iraqi Army soldiers are extremely capable of pursuing felons and protecting the people of Baghdad, and citizens are showing trust in their security military units with their very lives."

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gay soldier's fate grips Brazil - BBC News

Brazilian military police force have got arrested an regular army sergeant who revealed that he was cheery in an interview with a national news magazine at the weekend.

The ministry of defense mechanism states the sergeant is to be questioned about alleged abandonment from the military and there is no inquiry of discrimination.

Sgt Laci Marinho Delaware Araujo, who endures from ill-health, was moved from a Sao Paulo infirmary to the working capital Brasilia.

Human rights groupings state they are concerned about his welfare.

The apprehension happened just as Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula district attorney Silva was owed to turn to the country's first national cheery rights' conference.

Sgt Laci Marinho Delaware Araujo and his partner, who is also a sergeant in the Brazilian army, featured on the presence page of Epoca magazine.

They gave an interview in which they talked openly about life together as a cheery couple.

The two soldiers said they had been in a stable human relationship for 10 years.

However, while they were taking portion in a telecasting interview on Wednesday, Sgt Delaware Araujo was arrested by military police force who surrounded the television station until he came out.

Health problems

The sergeant, who states is being treated for a assortment of medical jobs including multiple sclerosis, was recently absent from his unit, and the regular army states he is accused of desertion.

A human rights grouping which have been in contact with the couple states they called in despair request for help, and it is concerned for his welfare.

Brazil's first national cheery rights conference is taking topographic point over the adjacent four days.

President Lula's authorities have hailed the event as historic.

However, despite theatrical production what is thought to be the greatest cheery pridefulness presentation in the human race in Sao Paulo, which this twelvemonth attracted an estimated three million people, cheery groupings in Federative Republic Of Brazil state they still confront tremendous jobs of favoritism and violence.

Between 1963 and 2007, militants state that more than than 2,800 people were killed in Latin America's biggest state because of their sexual orientation.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Detroit City Council Streams Live and On-Demand City News Online Using DigitalFX International's helloWorld Studio

LAS VEGAS, June 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- DigitalFX International, Inc. (Amex: DXN), a digital communication theory and streaming picture provider, announced
today that theCity of Motor City is using the DigitalFX helloWorld Studio, an
all-in-one, robust streaming picture suite of tools, to dwell broadcast its city
council meetings and to direct picture electronic mail proclamations to its' constituents. The continued successful usage shows DigitalFX International's viability
for municipalities as a superior cost-effective solution for reaching citizens

Kwame Kenyatta, Motor City City Council Member, said the Motor City City Council
"recognized the demand for complete and accurate insurance of the City's
business, so the determination was made to use the promotions of today's
technology and let citizens a new mercantile establishment for following the legislative
process. Following that decision, the execution have produced a mass of
positive feedback, proving the necessity of such as a service and at no cost to
the viewer. As a endorser to helloWorld, I not only admit its
advantage, but I also urge this word form of communicating to other
municipalities seeking to construct the human relationship between elected organic structures and
the citizens they represent."

The City also utilizes streaming picture electronic mails to raise consciousness for its local
school system with messages from local community leadership and sports

Craig Ellins, main executive director military officer of DigitalFX International, said,
"helloWorld offerings all municipalities the chance to widen their reach
with our easy-to-use and low-cost unrecorded and on-demand streaming video
solution. We're proud to be chosen by theCity of Motor City as they demo local
governments the benefits and effectivity of streaming meetings live."

Ellins continued, "The City's use of helloWorld, turns out the viability of
DigitalFX solutions for all aspects of government.Detroit's usage stands for a
significant new marketplace sector for DigitalFX."

To see Motor City City Council meetings which are air unrecorded and
archived for screening at any time, delight visit .

About DigitalFX International, Inc.

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