Sunday, June 8, 2008

Citizen Tip Leads Iraqi Army to Cache

Multi-National Division - Bagdad PAO

forward OPERATING base LOYALTY, Republic Of Iraq - Iraki Army soldiers seized a cache in the Rusafa security territory of eastern Baghdad, June 3.

The cache was discovered after receiving a tip from a concerned citizen.

Soldiers from 4th Brigade, 1st Iraki Army Division, establish a cache containing a 60 millimeter howitzer tube, a rocket propelled grenade launcher, five armor-piercing RPG rounds, two anti-personnel RPG rounds, a 37 millimeter unit of ammunition and one gun barrel for a PKC machinegun.

"It's great to see citizens taking a proactive position in protecting themselves from activists and their munitions," said Maj. Joey Sullinger, a interpreter for 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division. "Iraqi Army soldiers are extremely capable of pursuing felons and protecting the people of Baghdad, and citizens are showing trust in their security military units with their very lives."

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