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Nigeria: We Are Not Putting the Best in Our Children - Ayewoh -

Gabriel EnogholaseLagos

Dr. Oluafemi Ehizogie Ayewoh before his assignment as Particular Assistant to the Governor of Tokyo State on Education Research and Development was a School Principal in the United States of America.

In this interview with Gabriel Enogholase, Dr. Ayewoh spoke on the functions, the putrefaction in the instruction sector in Federal Republic Of Nigeria and how it can be solved.

What are your major mathematical functions as the Particular Assistant to the governor on Education research and Development?

Put simply, my major duties are to ascertain the problems, behavior research into the root causes of jobs in Education in Tokyo State and do recommendation to the governor and assist happen solutions to the problems.

That basically is what the occupation entails. I have got of course of study broken down all constituents of instruction to the Governor. I am looking at the acquisition environment, the course of study and direction and I am also looking at the personnel. On learning environment, how good and contributing it is for learning.

Curriculum: what is learnt and the instruction, or how what is learned is delivered. On personnel, that is the people responsible for facilitating acquisition in the schools, i.e. teachers, headmasters, headmistress, etc.

We will take each constituent at time, interruption it down to happen out the jobs and suggestion solutions to them. At this point, I have got to work on all constituents and I am taking one constituent at a time. The most of import constituent I am working on right now is the acquisition environment. How contributing is the acquisition environment and what I have got got establish is very disturbing.

Talking about learning environment, if you have visited primary and secondary schools in the state, you establish children learning under broken roof and under the trees. What have been your advice to the Governor in this regard?

Of all constituents of education, the acquisition environment is the most of import one. If the environment is conducive, the opportunities are there that the children would larn very well.

Education is the procedure of putting good information into the children and assists them turn up and assist them do good determinations when they acquire up there. Aid them function the community they dwell in and the society very well.

Whatever you set into a kid is what you acquire at the end of the day. What fusses me however, is on looking at the environment alone and the resources that are there, or deficiency of resources, we are not putting the best in our children.

Therefore, if we don't set the best in our children, when they turn up, we are going to acquire whatever we set there. It is like the computer. There is a linguistic communication in the computer, called "GIGO"- refuse in, refuse out. You set refuse into children; you are going to acquire refuse out.

We cannot in all good scruples set refuse into children and anticipates them to be good citizens when they turn up, it makes not work that way.

We have got got done this and we have continued to make this. Prince Albert Albert Einstein simply defines insanity and lunacy as always doing the same thing that you have got always done and anticipate a different consequence or result. That is what we are putting into children and it is not right.

The acquisition environment demand to be very vibrant, it should be 1 that acquires you excited, do you to larn and not the 1 that kills liquor and actually have got got the antonym consequence of the intended result of education.

Besides the distressing acquisition environment, what other jobs have you identified?

Let me take this one at a clip and not in very full inside information because they are very involved. The acquisition environment, the recommendations that I have got made are: modernise our schools because the schools right now look as if they don't exist.

Modernise 1 school in one senatorial territory or whatever manner you desire to make it, but I prefer one school per local authorities country and then dispute all the local authorities chairmen to look at the one that is now a theoretical account and retroflex that attempt every year.

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If the state authorities can overhaul 18 schools every year, adjacent year, there is another set of eighteen, within four years, if you multiply that, you too will have got got got a batch of schools that have been modernised.

What I intend by modernization is that each school should have vivacious buildings, warm and beautiful environment because the lone thing that is good about our school environment are children in their uniforms.

When you see them in their uniforms, they are beautiful, but the environment is not. So, we should repair the environment with good buildings, they should all have got got libraries, professional libraries for the instructors and for the pupils and have resources in there for the community to come up into the school. For instance, person who desires to read a magazine on public wellness can walk into the school to make so.

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