Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Copywriting Tips - Is Writing Good Copy A Gift Or Learned?

I love these subjects that flicker all sorts of great, and sometimes heated, debates. This is actually a inquiry that was asked recently in a forum that I attend. It certainly did acquire the statements going. Plato have his ain theories on this subject, which I will also touch on in this article. So what make YOU think? Are authorship good transcript a gift or is it something you can learn? I am certain you are going to happen this article quite fascinating.

There are three schools of idea on this subject. The first school states that authorship gross sales copy, like anything else, can be learned. Their statement is that babes are not born with the accomplishment to compose gross sales copy. They had to larn it from somewhere. But Mozart, at age 3, sat down at the pianoforte and started playing without any formal preparation whatsoever. Are these people rare? Yes, but they make exist.

The 2nd school of idea states that it's pure talent. You can larn the stairway such as as compose headline, then slug points, etc., but if you don't have got a true endowment with words and the ability to paint images with those words, you'll never be a great copywriter. But where makes that endowment come up from? Bashes it come up purely from inside? Or is it possible that it come ups from life experience, such as as if you had a gross sales background or took tons of authorship social classes in school?

The 3rd school of idea states that it is a combination of both. You can larn how to be a copywriter, but person with a natural gift for words is going to be a better copywriter than person who doesn't. I believe what they are talking about is talent. But where makes endowment come up from? Are it truly intuitive or is it learned? Are there such as a thing as existent talent?

Personally, I have got been interested in authorship since I was a kid. I wrote stories, plays, songs, novels and even television sitcom scripts. I was always pretty good at it too. I don't cognize why. Yes, I took all the English courses of study in school, but I never felt I really learned how to be a author from them. So learning how to compose transcript that converts well came easy to me. Iodine just studied the rudiments and allow my natural "talent" take over from there. So I believe I am agreeing with school figure three, though I can't really be sure.

What make YOU think? I believe it can be learned to a degree, but a certain amount of endowment would certainly help. I can't give you the talent, but if you check up on out the nexus in my signature, you'll happen a resource that should, if you have got any endowment at all, bend you into just as good a copywriter as myself.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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