Thursday, December 27, 2007

Online Copywriting Secrets - No Pushing Allowed

Cha ching in a very big, large way.

Here's the issue...while the crafting of words on the nett have certainly grown by leapings and boundary over the past three to five years, there are still many out there who cannot move away from the gross sales linguistic communication when trying to make the sale.

Sounds crazy...but world do NOT like to be sold to...they love TO BUY. Then when they buy, they like to acquire the rap on the dorsum for having made the best buying determination possible.

Any direct mail expert will repeat that exact process. And the ground they do an iniquitous amount of money, is because they play right into the procedure and allow it play out as it naturally should.

Ponder this: you walk into a auto franchise and you and your partner are ATTACKED by salespeople request how they can help. (Asking how they can do a commission, really.) Are you made comfy in that scenario, or would you rather it be YOU that have got got to near them and inquire if the SUV you have your oculus on come ups in leather with the dual DVDs in the back?

We both cognize the reply to that one.

So the copywriters who have proven their chops utilize the laws of attractive force rather then set on path topographic point and onslaught the would-be buyer.

They cognize NOT to swim against the grain because swimming against the grain makes not work.

There is a place for gross gross sales letters that are written with a sales hand, and we all cognize that it stops up in the round file.

Let your clients happen your value THROUGH your online copywriting. You will make tons of hard cash when you do.

Besides, only salmon swim against the current, and what make they know? They're fish!

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