Monday, December 17, 2007

Nigeria: Tension in Edo Over Violence-Marred LG Polls -

Simon Ebegbulem

THERE is political latent hostility in Tokyo state followers the Saturday Local Government Council elections which was marred with late reaching of election stuffs and force that led to the combustion of the business offices of the Tokyo state Mugwump National Electoral Committee (EDSIEC) in Orhiomnwon, Owan East and Ovia North East Local Government Councils of the state.Eighty 2 people were arrested by the police force while respective Pump Action guns and locally made handguns were equally confisticated.

Over three thousand mobile policemen have got been deployed at strategical countries including the EDSIEC caput business office in the City, where three Armoured Personel Carriers (APC) were stationed.

Business centres and eatries which normally open ups on Sundays were all under lock and key. Vanguard learnt that protagonists of one of the prima political political parties in the state had vowed to unleash mayhem in the state if the full election was not cancelled. There are serious rumors that the state EDSIEC business office was among the targets.

The election was peaceful in the Central senatorial territory where the Governor acclaims from apart from Igueben Local Government Council where the election could not throw because of the violent clang between protagonists of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and those of the Action United States Congress (AC). The former Foreign Personal Business Curate and actinium Chieftain, Head Uncle Tom Ikimi is from the area.

The actinium Chairmanship campaigner in Owan East Local Government Council, Mister Pally Iriase urged the EDSIEC and the state Government to call off the elections or there would be no peace in the state.Iriase World Health Organization was formally of the PDP, accused his former political party of seizing the election materials, making it impossible for elections to throw in the area.

The EDSIEC business office in the country was razed by angry people after they discovered that twenty four thousand ballot document out of the 70 two allocated to the country by the EDSIEC were missing. According to Iriase " the PDP is just trying Supreme Being not us.

What they did was to carry on the election for themselves last Friday and only came of Saturday to legalize their crime. It is sad that some people desires to destruct this democracy but Supreme Being will surely intervene".

However, in Owan Occident where the former Particular Adviser to Head Olusegun Obasanjo,Professor Julius Ihonvbere voted, the election was peaceful. Ihonvbere told Vanguard that " I learnt that there are pockets of force in some countries but in my country it was very very peaceful. PDP won all the manner because the leadership were united and they planned and worked hard. Field workers had finances to mobilise.

This is a lesson for the people of the state and Nigerians that where there is is focus,loyalty,dialogue and commitment, triumph will always come up easy".

The state of affairs was not the same in some Local Governments in Tokyo South especially Oredo which is the bosom of the city.There is palpable fearfulness in the metropolis because this country is believed to be the strong clasp of the actinium and the fearfulness is what would go on to the metropolis if eventually EDSIEC declared the topographic point for the PDP.

Speaking to Vanguard yesterday, the Police Populace Relation Officer, asp Simon Peter Ogboi disclosed that people were arrested from different parts icluding those who allegedly burned the EDSIEC business office in Abudu and the Local Government secretariat. He declared that the police force had made adequate agreement to procure lives and place in the state and warned those masterminding the force to abstain from it.

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According to him " we have got arrested 80 two people with fire arms.These people were caught with three fire weaponry and thirty six unrecorded cartrages. Those who burned down the secretariate at Abudu were also arrested and they would be paraded tomorrow (today).

We are aware that some people are planning to unleash mayhem in the metropolis because of the Local Government elections but we are ready to squelch any rebellion. We are equally warning all the political parties to speak to their protagonists because we shall not waver to cover with organic structure caught formenting problem in the state no substance the person's status".

The election consequences were still being awaited as at the clip of filing this report.The president of the EDSIEC was no where to be establish when newsmen stormed the EDSIEC office. Vanguard reliably gathered that the consequences were deliberately being delayed because of the predominant latent hostility in the state.

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