Saturday, December 1, 2007

Brochure Copywriting - How Long Should it Be?

I'm sometimes asked by clients who are looking for me to cite on copywriting their brochure, how long Iodine believe the transcript should be. To which I always answer:

Brochures should be as long as they necessitate to be to impart the information you necessitate to convey.

That's it. If you've not got much to say, a simple four sider could be enough. Or even a two sider. Though it's always a good thought to have got a image or some sort of illustration to interrupt it up.

But if you necessitate to, then travel for 8, 12, 16 or even more than pages. Nothing incorrect with 32 pages or even 64. However long it is, you necessitate to construction it carefully - and the longer it gets, the more than of import that is.

Each page or spreading should have got a newspaper headline and, unless the transcript is very short, subheads. If your images or illustrations are of something particular (as opposing to, say, a stock shot of a smiling human face or businesspeople shaking hands) do certain you include clear subtitles with them.

There should be a clear phone call to action at the end of the brochure. And, with longer brochures, at regular time intervals throughout. You may even desire to have got got a contact telephone figure and web computer address at the underside of each spread.

With longer brochures, have a table of contents subdivision at the front. With really long ones, an index at the dorsum is a good thought too. As is a summary.

If your booklet is very long, or if you're issuing a series of brochures, you may desire to see having a short, separate overview booklet or circular as well.

As ever, do certain the transcript is clear, enlightening and interesting. Remember what your audience are looking for. Testimonials and lawsuit histories are often a good idea. A short background history can be utile too, but don't be tempted to play loose with the truth. Apart constitute being apparent wrong, it could well backlash on you eventually.

Product spectacles can be of import too. Are it powerful enough? Volition it suit through my presence door? Are it compatible with what I've already got?

And make be certain that the grammar, spelling and punctuation are topographic point on - if you can't acquire the rudiments right, a prospective client is going to be concerned that your merchandises or services aren't very good either.

But don't be worried about the length of the copy. As long as you're saying what necessitates to be said, it's the right length.

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