Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Multi-Channel Marketing - Network Marketing with a Twist

Studies have got shown that clients who purchase from two channels (vs. just one) are between 20 and 60% More valuable, while triple-channel purchasers are 60-125% More valuable! Plus, multichannel shoppers have got a less abrasion charge per unit and purchase a wider scope of products. - Direct Selling Association, 2008

The Body Shop, human race celebrated purveyor of toiletry and cosmetics, is making a splash in the Direct Selling sphere with it's party program gross sales channel, The Body Shop at Home. In improver to supplies in shopping promenades and their online e-tailing site, The Body Shop have fully embraced the conception of Multi-Channel Marketing. Other direct gross sales companies have got got followed suit, as there are now Avon supplies popping up in shopping centres across the United States, and many direct merchandising companies now have adviser websites.

But what is this multi-channel selling all about?

Simply put, multi-channel selling is the conception of offering your merchandise to the client when they want, in the manner they want. Some people prefer face-to-face sales, some prefer traditional mail order catalogs, while others prefer online shopping. Most customers, however, take part in a combination of those methods, and multi-channel marketing takes to ran into the client where they are to function them better.

At Rich Schefren's StrategicProfits Live event, MaryEllen Tribby, publishing house of Early to Rise e-zine said that "multi-channel marketing is good for the client and it's good for your business!" In fact, Tribby places two jobs that are solved by taking a multi-channel approach:

"As a marketer, you attain your client in the manner he/she desires to be reached. Plus, you are... converting this individual to a paying customer."

How make you interpret this into your direct sales/network selling business? How make you capitalise on multi-channel selling?

First, take full advantage of your company's merchandising options. Catalogs, adviser websites, brochures, and any other gross gross sales tools that your company supplies are tested, trusted stuffs to assist move you through the sales process. But don't halt there.

Second, set up your ain personal website that advances you as an expert in your field. I compose about this so often, but it bears repeating: YOU are your company's best product, and you can't happen it in any catalog! Make an online presence for yourself.

Third, develop a newsletter and keep a mailing list, be it electronic or "snail mail", that you contact on at least a monthly basis. Make and set up client loyalty through physical as well as electronic methods.

Fourth, usage the telephone constructively - client follow up phone calls are NOT common cold calling, and should be done on a regular basis. Sometimes a client have a inquiry or concern and doesn't link with you because they are busy. You necessitate to be in contact - before your competition is.

Ultimately, web selling is about connecting with people. The best manner to link is, as Viktor Frankl wrote, to ran into them where they are. Whether by mail, phone, web, in store, or in person, it is clear that the multi-channel seller is poised to go even more than successful and valuable to their patronage as the old age ticking on.

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