Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Writing And Marketing Your Book - The Easiest Way To Get Out The Word About Your Book

Are you an writer who have got got got a ms concealment in your data file cabinet ...

or boxes of published books in your cellar ....

or even just observes scribbled on garbage of paper, hinting at the book that's still in your heart?

I've got good news.

No substance where you are in the process, there's a simple manner to:

--market your book if it's already written

--write your book if it's not yet written

--build your platform (whether your book is written yet Oregon not) ...

Can you think what it is?

In a word: articles.

If your book is already written, whether you cognize it or not, (as Alex Mandossian says), "you're in Heaven without the incommodiousness of dying."


You already have your content!

It's just a substance of "chopping" it up and sending out pieces into the world, in a strategical way, so that other people will larn about you and desire more than than (which, ofcourse, is in your book).

If you haven't yet written your book--not to worry!

You can compose a whole book, piece by piece ... by authorship articles!

As you make so, you're also edifice a platform, getting known, demonstrating yourexpertise, edifice a following.

Folks, if you already bask writing--and I presume you do, if you're an writer oraspiring author--then you have a great advantage in this whole game.

If you already experience at least somewhat comfy with the process, then article selling is going to be the best thing you can make for yourself.

You know, of course, that selling is all about building relationships.

As in, providing chances for people to acquire to know, like and trust you.

An article is a perfect "sample" of your part to the world.

It's great introduction to what you're all about.

Since you're reading this article, you are at this minute experiencing exactly what I'm talking about.

If I make a good occupation delivering on the promise of the title, you will be interested in determination out more from me.

And so our human relationship begins...

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