Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Iraq army 'in control' of Basra - BBC News

US armed forces personnel have got killed 15 Iraki activists in clangs in Shiah countries of Baghdad, the United States military have said.

The combat took topographic point in countries of the metropolis controlled by the Mehdi Army reserves of Shiah churchman Moqtada Sadr.

There have been ferocious combat in Bagdad and the southern metropolis of Basia since the government's political campaign against the Mehdi Army began last month.

The Iraki regular army commanding officer in Basia have said his military units are in "almost complete control" of the port city.

An Iraki operation against Shiah reserves in Basia began last calendar month and have distribute to Bagdad and other Shiah areas, drawing in United States and United Kingdom forces.

Moqtada Sadr have threatened "open war" against the Iraki authorities if it makes not name off its political campaign against the Mehdi Army.

Diyala bomb

In Baghdad, the United States armed military units said air and land forces were involved in a series of clangs against activists that began late Tuesday.

"Along with our Iraki security armed forces units partners, we are targeting individual terrorists, criminal networks, and anyone involved in violent law-breakings against the Iraki people," said United States military spokesman Lt Col Steven Stover in Baghdad.

A United States armed forces statement also said that seven Iraki policemen and 11 civilians were killed in Tuesday's self-destruction bombardment near a police force station in Jalawla, north of Bagdad in Diyala province.

In Basra, the Iraki commander, General Mohan Furaiji, told the BBC his military units had nearly gained complete control of the city.

Iraki military units in Basia looks to be gaining land after a rickety start

He denied studies that he had given the leadership of Shiah reserves in the metropolis 24 hours to give themselves up.

The United States have sent 800 military personnel to Basia to assist the Iraki army, and United Kingdom and United States particular military units are launching forays to detain key figs in the militias.

The Iraki political campaign in Basia got off to a rickety start, but looks to be gaining land with increased support from alliance forces, states the BBC's Saint Patrick Howse in Baghdad.

The most influential of the reserves in Basia is the Mehdi Army. There are also the Badr Brigades - linked to the political party, the Supreme Islamic Council of Iraq.

There are marks that the militias' clasp on the metropolis is weakening, states our correspondent.

There are studies of women dressing less conservatively, couples walking arm-in-arm and unrecorded music being played at wedding ceremonies - all things that would have got been impossible a few hebdomads ago, adds our correspondent.

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