Wednesday, April 16, 2008

South Africa: Peace, Security Set to Dominate Security Council Summit -

Luyanda MakapelaNew York

The human relationship between the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the Regional Organisations in the care of international peace and security, are put to exceed the docket at the summit, chaired by South Africa on Wednesday.

South Africa throws the presidential term of the UNSC, led by President Thabo Mbeki, this month, and will be looking to utilize its place to additional a figure of African priorities.

As President of the UNSC, South Africa is expected to assist set up the docket of the Council for the calendar month in audience with other Council members while chairing meetings of the Security Council.

The meeting of the Security Council, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs, will see A continuance of discussion, but at a higher political degree and in the Council Chambers in the presence of the wider United Nations membership.

According to the section the argument will be an chance to address, among others, the complex nature of some current struggles while a demand to react timeously to menaces to peace.

It will also turn to the declaration of struggles that necessitate a reinforced international peace and security architecture, supported by an enhanced human human human human relationship between the United Nations, in peculiar the Security Council and regional organisations.

"An exchange of positions on ways to procure predictable, sustainable and flexible resources for regional organisations, in peculiar the African Union [AU], to transport out the authorizations of maintaining international peace and security will also be discussed," said the department.

A follow-up to the meeting between the UNSC and gold Peace and Security Council that was held in Addis Ababa in June 2007 when South Africa and the United Kingdom co-led a Security Council deputation to Africa will also be discussed on Thursday.

"The meeting will be a seeable mark of the willingness of the United Nations and gold to work together in the involvements of international peace and security," the section said.

South Africa have also decided to utilise its 2nd presidential term of the council to go on exploring the subject introduced during its first presidential term in March 2007 on strengthening the relationship between the United Nations and regional organisations.

Speaking at a briefing earlier this year, Foreign Personal Business Head Director for United Nations Political Personal Business Xolisa Mabhongo said: "We will be looking into what we can make to heighten the relationship between the United Nations and other regional organisations, in peculiar the African Union (AU)."

Mr Mabhongo said South Africa - as portion of its 2007 presidential term under the chairmanship of Foreign Curate Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma - called on the United Nations Secretary General to bring forth a study that would come up up with concrete proposals on how the relationship between the United Nations and the gold could be enhanced.

The report, he said, is currently being finalised and it will be a great chance for South Africa in its 2nd presidential term to acquire United Nations Secretary General Prohibition Ki-moon to prosecute some of the recommendations contained in the report.

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"We trust that this study is going to assist us to joint some of these recommendations and therefore we can inquire for action on these ideas," said Mister Mabhongo at the time.

South Africa's noteworthy accomplishments within the UNSC in 2007 include a co-led Security Council missionary post with the United Kingdom to Ghana; facilitating the acceptance of a presidential statement on the function of women in peace and security; as well as getting the Council to follow a proactive policy on little arms.

The Security Council will also have briefings from the Particular Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Missions to Empire State Of The South and Kosovo.

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